GBST Shares™ – the industry leading accounting and securities transaction solution.

GBST Shares™ is the most scalable and widely used middle and back-office equities system in Australia. It has a proven track record as a real time, feature rich and reliable system enabling brokers to improve business efficiency and reduce transaction costs.

GBST Shares™ is the only system in the market that is truly multi-market, multi-currency, multi-instrument and multi-entity.

All current business models in the Australian market, including retail brokers, institutional brokers, third party clearers, or any combination of these models, are supported by the customisable rules within GBST Shares™.

The exception-based processing also leads to a lower per-transaction total cost of ownership.

GBST continues to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that, as transaction volumes increase, GBST Shares™ continues to provide scalable processing and greater efficiencies for the middle and back office. Currently, a GBST Shares™ system can process up to 1,000,000 trades per day.

It is a reliable and resilient system that is monitored and supported 24 hours by our team of skilled application and database engineers.


  1. True system flexibility.
  2. Real time position keeping
  3. Efficiency, performance and scalability (benchmarked to process up to 1,000,000 trade executions per day)
  4. Automation and exception management
  5. Real time integrated market access
  6. Monitoring and market compliance

Real Time Integrated Market Access

GBST Shares™ integrates with 12 middle and back office systems for accuracy and productivity.

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